PORT CITIES is a global performance art project presented by Public Works Department, an interdisciplinary production company based out of Brooklyn NY in collaboration with our global partners.

Port Cities links five cities along 17th century Dutch trade routes -  from Perth Australia to Cape Town South Africa, from Amsterdam and New York City to the old port of Cochin in India, each city will host a unique contemporary project exploring its interconnected heritage and legacy.

Each project

- will be presented on or nearby the city’s port

- explores the city’s connection to 17th Century history through myths, legends or legacies against the backdrop of contemporary issues

- comprise a team of local and international collaborators
working in residence in each city.

- include movement (either through theme, audience experience or dance.)

The sum of all five cities will be documented both on this website and within a gallery in Amsterdam in 2020 as a project in five movements - like an opera.

Never before, that we know of, has there been
a global performance art project quite so epic.